What is the Best Time of Day to Have Sex?

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Let’s just get this over right off the bat … there is NO “right” time of day to have sex.

There is a “better” time, but it can also be completely personal and according to whatever schedule you have to exist on. Life can also throw us illness, extra work, stress, and other wonderful things.

Then you have to consider what kind of person you are versus your partner. I’m not an early bird at all, nor do I function well when it’s really late. I’m at my most “active” in the afternoon.


There are some positives, negatives, and interesting facts regarding each time of day.

And one slot that barely squeaks out as a winner.



Coming home after a late date, bar hop, or party can leave you pumped with all sort of energy and hormones. It has the benefit of hours of anticipation and teasing. So, when you finally get to the bedroom (or wherever), the explosion of passion can be extremely hot.

The downside?

If you’ve had too many to drink or the exhaustion has finally got to you or your partner, then sleep will be more enticing then any sizzling romp. You also might not have a choice – tiredness and booze tend to affect erections. 



Let’s take a few steps back and rewind the clock a few hours. Instead of a very late session, think of the times you’re getting ready for bed. Yes, you’re tired, but you have far more energy.

Also, sex releases oxytocin and endorphins. These feel-good hormones have a sedative effect and can often help you get to sleep and have a better night’s rest.

Extra bonus? If hygiene is important for you to get in the mood, teeth will be brushed, faces will be washes, and bodies will already be showered.



Ever sit at your desk, working away on whatever project or deadline that will probably give you six new grey hairs in the future, and feel like it’s totally time to go home? But then you look at your watch and see it’s barely lunchtime?

Long days can have a different kind of drain on the body.

However, if you’re lucky enough to be able to slip out and meet your partner, some mid-day nookie could energize your body and mind. Also, it’s been proven that when you have sex, your body wants more. So you could be looking forward to and evening bout as well. That will certainly make your day go by faster.


Finally, it’s the a.m. Your alarm just went off and you really, REALLY want to hit that snooze button. But engaging in a morning connection has many benefits.

  • Men’s testosterone spikes between six and nine in the morning. Add that to morning wood and you will usually experience a better, longer-lasting performance.
  • Morning endorphin rushes can lower blood pressure and stress levels.
  • It strengthens your immune system with enhanced levels of IgA.
  • The same chemicals can also make your skin and hair look great.
  • The downside – some people can’t get sexy when things are (the bad kind of) dirty. Morning breath and sweaty bodies can be a turn-off.

INTERESTING: Women don’t experience hormone changes on a daily basis like men, but rather during their monthly cycle. Our testosterone levels spike during ovulation and can result in a larger appetite for sex.


It seems that, scientifically speaking, morning is the winner. It’s like starting your day off with a good breakfast. However, other times of day certainly have their own positives.

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What time of day gets your engine going? Share in the comments!

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Have a sexy day!


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