Ways to Pamper and Worship Your Bad-Ass, Amazing, Sensual Inner Goddess


First, this is not a reference to “that book that shall never be named.”  The idea of finding and pampering your inner goddess has been around for a very, very long time.

For some, it might come easily – second nature even. For others, it might be difficult to acknowledge that you are a miraculous, sexy creature all on your own and without the attachment of anyone else to be this.

Let’s say that again … without anyone else.

It’s not to say your partner can’t make you feel sexy or that you shouldn’t celebrate your sultry, amazing nature with another person. However, far too often our identity ends up wholly linked to what others or society thinks.

First, a quick example. Then, we will look at some simple ways you can try to reconnect with the sexy goddess inside.



This woman is one of my favorite people. She loves to celebrate the sensual and erotic simply for the essence of the act. She wears lingerie and sexy underwear for herself – not for others. Her idea of beauty is being healthy, being confident, and being who YOU want to be.




CREATE THE SPACE – Goddess don’t lounge in a mess. Their world is sparkling and beautiful … which is not always possible, especially if you’re busy and/or have kids. However, you can make one tiny part of your world a place that is comfortable. This could be a bathtub, patio, on your bed, or in a corner of the house people don't usually go to. Dimming the lights and adding some candles can made a huge difference.


BATH IN HEALING WATERS – It’s not just for relaxing after a hard day. Soaking in a tub is calming and can be sensual. Add essential oils or other things that will make you smile. Silver bath bombs could make you feel like you’re bathing in starlight. Milk and roses could make you feel like Cleopatra. Lavender might bring out the spirit of Mother Nature. Go for what makes you brim with light.


IMBIBE AMBROSIA – Sip on wine, tea, coffee, infusions … whatever. You can maybe add something that you normally wouldn’t – like a piece of fruit, sprinkle of chocolate, etc. Take your time with sipping. Goddess’ go at their own speed.


WEARING SOMETHING SEXY – Sorry, but this is not for your partner. Your silky night gown, sexy dress, or outfit that rocks your body is just for you. Wear it and love yourself in it. Look in the mirror and say, “Damn, girl. The mortal world does not deserve you.”


SEXY DANCING – Do this alone, and don’t feel embarrassed! It can be 80’s pop, heavy metal, or stripper songs. “Sexy dancing” is whatever you make it. Just make sure it pumps the blood or fills your mind with an appreciation for your sensual, confident self.


READ SOMETHING HOT – If you’re having problems getting into a sexy mindset, try reading an romance/erotic novel.


SKIN CARE – Do that exfoliation and body moisturize you’ve been putting off. Give yourself a mani-pedi, buy some cheaper products to start one of those Korean face treatments (I’ve tried them … your skin will be insane after!). Also, drink some water. It’s the best way to nurture your epidermis.


NURTURE YOUR SOUL – Meditation, mindfulness, reading a self-help or similar book. Your glorious self is not just your body.


SELF ESTEEM – If you’re confidence is low, it can be hard to see yourself in a positive light. Try working on not caring what others think or other baby steps towards appreciating who you are. One trick is looking at yourself in a mirror once a day and saying something great about yourself – compliment the things you usually diss about yourself. It can be painful, but the end result is worth it.


BUY FLOWERS – I do this sometimes. It’s so lovely. It’s nice when a goddess gets tribute and offerings. However, she does NOT have to wait around for them. She can give herself a bouquet.


BRING SOME RITUAL – If it’s hard to leap into some steps, it could be helpful to create a ritual around what you want to do. Some people just love ritual on its own, and that’s cool too!


LOVE NOTES – Write yourself love notes and post them around the house. Even leave them in your own lunch.


PHOTO SHOOT – How many times have we snapped a sexy photo for someone else, or to put our best on social media? Screw that! Have a sexy boudoir shoot all on your own and show no one. These stunning pics are just for you.



INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES – Look up quotes that really speak to you. It can be about health, sexy, beauty, confidence, anything. Leave them in places you most need them.


SELF CARE AND HEALING – Some of these suggestions can be lumped into self-care, but I wanted to mention it anyways. The world has beaten us down and made most of us think we are not worth anything. It’s time to use your magical goddess powers to heal yourself.


SELF GRATIFICATION – Yes … masturbation. Search and learn your body. Learn how it likes to be touched and how it likes to orgasm. And before you say, “I already know”, stop there. Our bodies, minds, and our outer influences change us over time. It never hurts to spend a session getting to know your sexual nature. If you don’t want to touch yourself, try some porn. Maybe there are things that get you excited that maybe didn’t in the past.


A FAVORITE PLACE – Dress in whatever stunning clothes you wish and go out of your house to a place you’ve always loved. Your favorite restaurant or cafe, a museum/gallery, a park, or the beach, etc. It’s just you, and it’s ok that you’re there alone.


FIND YOUR SCENT – Nip into a cosmetics shop or department store and sprits some new scents. It’s okay if you stay true to your go-to bottles, but find a new one. You don’t have to buy it, but you can save up for it or add it to a birthday list.


FLIRT – This might be a delicate one if you’re partner is insecure or if you don’t feel right doing it. However, there is ZERO harm in giving that cute barista a wink before you leave.


NAKED POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS – Another one that might be difficult, but give it a try. Strip down, stand in front of and compliment all parts of your body. Extra credit for double-compliment the parts you usually hate. Remember, ALL of you is beautiful.


BE BRAVE – Try something new. Learn something new. Do something by yourself.


PAMPER DAY – For the bonus round, combine many of these together in a super-goddess-pampering day!


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 


Any other suggestions? Share in the comments!

Have a sexy day,


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