50 Suggestions for International Day of Happiness - Sex Edition


There’s an International Day of Happiness – which is great in and of itself. But, that got me thinking about people’s sexual “happiness”. Do we really spend enough time taking care of our sensual selves? Probably not.


So, regardless of what month it is, or what concept is being celebrated, here are some ideas for you to give your sex life some TLC.





These range anywhere from light-hearted to serious.


  1. Have a long bout of steamy, all day sex with your partner
  2. Spend a few hours masturbating and indulging in as many orgasms as you can
  3. Watch your favorite porn
  4. Spend time with your favorite sex toy(s)
  5. Read an erotic novel
  6. Read erotic poetry
  7. Write something dirty
  8. Have your partner focus on oral sex
  9. Have your partner expect no orgasm in return for your pleasure
  10. Get a massage (romantic, erotic, whatever)
  11. Try something new with your lover
  12. Find ways to spice things up in the bedroom
  13. Play an erotic board game
  14. Experiment with aphrodisiacs
  15. Re-teach your partner how to please you
  16. Wear sexy lingerie YOU like
  17. Have two (or more) people pleasure you
  18. Share a fantasy
  19. Try to enact the fantasy
  20. Try something kinky you’ve never done before
  21. Discuss any sex problems or fears with your partner that you’ve been avoiding
  22. Go to a sex therapist
  23. Go to a regular therapist
  24. Cut back on booze
  25. Get your partner to share all the reasons they think you’re sexy
  26. Both people work to improve the relationship
  27. Find ways to improve communication
  28. Work on your trust levels
  29. Improve your sexual creativity
  30. Reconnect with foreplay
  31. Learn to love your body
  32. Don’t focus on orgasms, focus on connecting
  33. Get tested
  34. Visit a doctor
  35. Eat right
  36. Be active and exercise regularly
  37. Do Kegel exercises
  38. Learn to manage stress
  39. Have a date night or quality time together
  40. Check your hormone levels
  41. Find ways to be alone together
  42. Be honest about your compatibility with your partner
  43. Try different kinds of sex (eg. tantric etc.)
  44. Explore a sex position book
  45. Try a swingers, kinky, sex party
  46. Be patient and forgiving with any drops in your sex drive
  47. Kiss and cuddle longer
  48. Work on sexual atmosphere/mood
  49. Hot bath with a glass of wine
  50. Understand quality vs quantity


There are obviously WAY more, but this is a great start.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


What about you? How do you maintain sexual happiness? Share in the comments!


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Have a sexy day!


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