What is Smegma - Learn About Dick and Clit Cheese


Any part of vaginal health involves take a regular peek around your ladybits to make sure everything is okay. However, sometimes you might spot some weird looking white residue around the clitoral hood.

Wonder what it is?

Well, welcome to the world of smegma!



You might have images of smelly dick cheese floating around in your head (which is not untrue). However, the first thing you should know is that it’s completely normal and natural.

Well, not the white residue … rather, what appears before you see the smelly substance.

In a healthy state, smegma is moist, smooth, and doesn’t stink. It’s main purpose?

To make sure your skin bits don’t stick together – things like your foreskin or labia flaps and clit hood. It’s one of the reasons we aren’t in discomfort or pain in our nether regions all the time.



If you see something that resembles cottage cheese or a waxy, sticking film around your clit, this is a mixture of dead skin cells (naturally sloughed off) and dried up or old smegma.

Why is it there? Two possible reasons.

First, maybe you’re prone to yeast infections and it’s a by-product (trust me, you’ll know if you’re in this category – yeast infections are impossible to miss).

Second, and most common … you haven’t washed enough or are washing irregularly. This fix is easy – just make sure you bath often enough and make sure your genitals are clean.


  • You don’t NEED soap. In fact, some soaps can cause irritation in some women with sensitive vaginas. A soft cloth and water is enough.
  • If you can’t shower or get to a bath, sit on the toilet with a cup of warm water and rinse (giving the area a gentle rub).
  • People who are prone to oily skin or acne are far more likely to have problems with it.
  • Smegma, a warm moist environment, and time will build up bacteria and create that bad smell.


“Remember that it is stale and accumulated smegma that is a source of ill health for the penis. Freshly formed smegma, washed away regularly and constantly replenishing itself, is a wholesome lubricant – making for ease in erection and smoothness in sexual intercourse.” Says Go Ask Alice



  • If you let it build up over time (especially if you’re an uncircumcised male).
  • If it goes on for too long, it becomes “hismosis” which is a hard ring of smegma around the foreskin, preventing it from retracting. It can be very painful.
  • People in nursing homes, and oftentimes homeless people, can suffer from balanitis (sever swelling).

So, remember to keep clean down there!


. . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Any horrific smegma stories? Dare to share?

Have squeaky-clean day,


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