6 Squirting Dildos - Learn How to Buy a Good Ejaculating Dildos


There’s a tone of squirting/ejaculation porn out there. There’s an endless line of dildo choices. But, oddly enough, squirting sex toys are quite uncommon (at least as sex toys go).


Let’s take a look at these drippy dildos and what you need to know before you buy one…





This particular detail is standard for any insertable toy. However, aside from finding a size you’re comfortable with, you need to pay close attention to the diameter – since these toys might be a bit wider to accommodate the squirting tube.





Sadly, there aren’t many options when it comes to body-safe materials. You’re basically restricted to 100% silicone (which is fine as long as it’s not a silicone blend). Also, stay away from PVC and Jelly! Aside from being highly porous, and impossible to clean properly, they contain chemicals that could cause a rash… or worse.





There are two delivery systems for squirting dildos – syringe with tube and squeeze nub.

Personally, I think the tubes are better, because it reduced the amount of liquid that comes in contact with the toy’s inner cavity (which is difficult to clean).





Since hygiene is important, you should pay close attention to the little nooks and crannies in the dildo, especially around the tube openings (front and back). Is it going to require extra work to clean? Etc.


Also, if you want it for your strap-on, make sure the model has a wide enough base to stay in the O-ring.





In theory, anything that goes inside your private parts should be safe … but then I remember Jelly toys and low-quality lubes exist. Bearing that in mind, it a good idea to look at the ingredients for the “cum” or “urine” that will be used with the dildo.


Here are two “cum” products that actually disclosed their ingredient list…


BAD DRAGON FORMULA = Water, Polyethylene Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid (pH adjustment).


DOC JOHNSON FORMULA = Water, Dimethicone, Propylene Glycol, Dimethiconol, Xanthan Gum, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Colloidal Silver


Out of the two, Bad Dragon’s formula seems a bit safer. Sadly, it’s nearly impossible to find other lists for things like fake urine. So, you’ll just have to look at the bottle before you buy. I mean, if all else fails (or you’re really paranoid), you can use some of your favorite lube instead. Even plain, old water will be fine.


SIDE NOTE: Sites that promise “homemade” cum or urine recipes should NOT be used for sex toys!





Does the toy have replacement tubes? Do they need them? Are there other brand tubes that are also compatible if yours breaks?








I like the manageable size (7 inches) and the fact that the tube is separate from the toy base, which allows for a vac-u-lock. It also comes with a free sample of the mixable Nut Juice.


What I don’t like is the PVC material (not safe) and the suction cup base doesn’t look like it will stay in place well (looks cheap).


Reviews say that size and stretch are great, but the ejaculation system can be a tad finicky, and the base has been changed from older models.


Doc Johnson Bust It Squirting Dildo





The squeeze bottle delivery system can’t really be rated a pro or a con, since it’s up to your personal preferences. Although, it might be better if you don’t like long tubes to deal with.


Sadly, this is another PVC toy, so that’s a huge hit to its overall rating. Reviews also say that it doesn’t come with any squirting liquids, not even a sample.


Lifelike Lover Classis with squirt ball dispenser





Bad dragon is one of the few sex toy companies that offers silicone squirting dildos. It’s also at a very affordable price and comes with several color choices.


However, they only come in one firmness and one size … 3 inches – they’re more of a foreplay toy, cum-tube toy for beginners, or lube dispenser than a full-on ejaculating dildo.


Bad Dragon Lil Squirt Lube Applicator





This model has many positives. First, it’s silicone! Yay! It’s also bigger than the 3-inch lil’ squirts by Bad Dragon. The base is big enough for a harness and there’s a handy space that lets the tube feed through without getting kinked or bent.


The downside? Getting the liquid in is a bit of a pain in the ass (using the squirt pouch like a turkey baster and sucking up the juices) AND there’s not much that comes out. So, reloading will be slow and you might not a “covered” as you want. Still, a better choice than most competing models.


Pop Ejaculating Dildo - A good silicone option





There are no positives with this toy. None.


The material is Cyber Skin, which is just a “brand” name for a combination of TPC, PVC, and or a list of other ingredients that the makers won’t disclose. It might be “soft” and realistic, but when the seller lists the materials as “realistic feel”, that should be an automatic red flag.


Couple that with the fact the delivery system is squeezing the balls to suck up liquid… I just … no.  No! It will be impossible to clean, not to mention you won’t be able to see what’s growing in there, and I doubt the dildo will get much air flow down to the balls.


This means that you’ll have a damp, porous dildo left to grow god knows what.


Squirtz Cyberskin





I’m torn with this one.


On one hand, it’s silicone, has a great suction cup, AND it’s a vibrator too! Ten speeds and rechargeable. That’s a combo you don’t normally see. Granted, that price tag might be steep for some people (around $99). However, if you remember what you’re getting, it’s a fairly standard price point.


What bothers me is that it’s not 100% clear how the squirting works. I THINK there’s a reservoir inside the toy. If so, that’s huge negative. I just wish they had pictures of this function.



. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


As you can see, there’s a large mixed-bag of squirting sex toys on the market. Some are okay. Some are terrible. Just remember, if you want to buy one, do lots of research first! It’s even better if you can go to your local sex toy shop and see one.


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Have toy-tastic day!


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