Lush 2nd Generation IMPROVED Bluetooth
Remote Control Vibrator!

What's New?

Button Location

Bluetooth Chip Location

Bigger Motor

New Bluetooth Technology Inside

Bluetooth chip located at the end of the antenna provides even better connectivity and control range!

Lush l'oeuf vibrant bluetooth pouvant fonctionner jusqu'à 9 mètres en étant debout.

Distance debout à 360°

Up to 45 feet Up to 30 feet
Lush l'oeuf vibrant bluetooth pouvant fonctionner jusqu'à 3 mètres en étant assis.

Distance assise à 360°

Up to 20-30 feet
Lush l'oeuf vibrant bluetooth pouvant fonctionner à n'importe quelle distance une fois contrôlé par internet.

Contrôlé depuis Internet

Peu importe la distance

Start Using It Anytime, Anywhere

New button location allows you to turn it ON/OFF while wearing it!

More Power That Lasts Longer!

Bigger motor inside makes it even more powerful and ensures a longer battery life!









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(1/6) Ecran de Contrôle Appuyer et Glisser

Dimensions de Lush.
  • 2 Hours of Continuous Use
  • Matériaux inoffensifs
  • Étanche
  • Mains Libres
  • Rechargeable par USB
  • Garantie un an

    April 2018    

Limited lovense lush pre-sale offer only for the first 1000 units.

First 1000 units have already sold out! Keep an eye out for updates posted here.

    June 2018    

The pre-sale of the second-generation Lush is over, and the response has been very positive. So positive, in fact, that we are working hard to meet the demand. It’s also important to note that our current production line is limited due to newly adopted technologies. These innovations represent new challenges in the manufacturing process, preventing us from going into full production at this time.

After many months of research and development, we want to ensure that the updated version of our best-selling toy will be available in our official store soon.

If you want to be one of the first people to get your hands on Lush 2nd Generation, order it now!


Lovense lush



Lush 2nd Generation

Keep in mind that we can't guarantee a specific shipping date and it will take around 2 to 8 weeks to arrive.

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